Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development that strives to improve New Zealanders health outcomes

Mobile apps for health are booming around the world. This is estimated to grow to a staggering $112bn globally in the coming five years.

Your business can empower New Zealanders to take control of their health via a health monitoring application that fits neatly into their pockets.

A health mobile app can not only contribute to improving people’s health, it can also become an independent revenue stream and help your brand to grow exponentially all over the world.

Scalpel-sharp precision in mobile app development

Total Medical Design New Zealand conduct thorough user testing on all of our applications. We use rapid prototyping of our technology means that we can understand when our apps are scrubbed up and ready for operation.

Our extensive user acceptance testing processes ensure that we find and correct errors earlier. We incorporate changes into the app development at the early stages, rather than after the app has been delivered.

Total Medical Design specialise in mobile and web-based applications for iOS, Android and Windows. We offer flexible and engaging apps that aren’t just engaging and educational, they have the potential to turn your business into a market leader.


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