Digital Marketing Strategy

Connecting hearts and minds in New Zealand

The lines between healthcare corporates and small businesses in New Zealand have never been more blurred. So too are the differences between consumers and professionals.

In essence we are all consumers. Therefore, the brands who tell the most compelling stories in New Zealand will win the day.

Total Medical Design will unearth the compelling stories behind your brand health and then promote this through a multi-platform strategy involving social media marketing, Google AdWords, display ads and remarketing.

We focus on evidence-based data obtained from digital tools. Then we craft brilliant multi-platform digital marketing strategies and campaigns that work.

All of our digital marketing strategies

  • Elevate your digital footprint and brand online.
  • Get optimised for website conversion.
  • Boost traffic and engagement on your website.
  • Use data-led insights to continually improve performance.
  • Are designed to provide an ongoing marketplace advantage.


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