Search Engine Optimisation

Health websites that are loved by humans and machines

Roughly 1% of all Google searches relate to medical symptoms. That’s a huge opportunity for healthcare providers and medical businesses to inform, educate and provide real health solutions to the people who need it in New Zealand.

Total Medical Design are made up of Australia and New Zealand’s leading digital marketing specialists and SEO specialists. We are innovators and thought leaders in the health marketing in New Zealand.

At the start of every project, we ask ourselves: ‘How can we make this website appear appealing to both computers and people?’

From there we employ the latest digital solutions to deliver bullet-proof search engine optimisation services to our clients.

We understand the importance of on-site SEO and link-building using best-in-class techniques. Optimising your website for Google is an ongoing and proactive process that we take seriously. Getting it right underpins our mission to make your paid and organic search results tower over your competition.

Our team includes SEO and technical experts in New Zealand that drive measurable and tested techniques for continuous improvement, which leads to search engine domination.

We work hand in glove with passionate developers and designers on both sides of the Tasman to build SEO into every aspect of our flawless websites and intuitive user experiences.


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