Logo Design & Branding

Fire the neurons and delight your patients with a strong logo and brand design solution

Total Medical Design have been helping ambitious health businesses in Australia to achieve intelligent branding and design solutions for over ten years. Now we are bringing our expertise across the Tasman and helping health businesses all over Aotearoa.

Collaborative and based on Kiwi-Aussie honesty

Our team, based in in Wellington, Sydney and Melbourne have an open and collaborative way of working with clients. This helps us to define unique challenges and strengths of our clients. From there we can create unique branding and logo design that sets our clients apart from competitors.

The designers are Total Medical Design understand how to craft brand identity and logo design that is visually and verbally compelling. We are experts at capturing and holding audience attention in the health and medical sector.

Our logo and brand design services help you to change minds and saving lives

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