Social Media Management

Amplify your message with affordable social media strategies for health

Every health social campaign we run in New Zealand is deployed by an experienced team located in New Zealand who use insight driven strategy at its heart.

We don’t just amplify and expand your message through social media, we specialise in telling stories to highlight your product or service. We keep your business front and centre in your audience’s mind through bite-sized and engaging social media interactions.

Total Medical Design know that social media is more like an ongoing conversation rather than shouting through an obnoxious megaphone. With this in mind, we prefer to create virtual ‘break-out rooms’ to engage your audience in New Zealand. We bring people together and talk about your product or service in a way that is memorable and genuine.

With our targeted social media services, you can foster a community of loyal and engaged brand advocates. Our New Zealand based social media expert can help you to create a series of messages at key touchpoints during every phase of the patient journey, to drive up sign-ups, appointment bookings and more.


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