Content Strategy

Content that’s at the cutting edge of health in New Zealand

Great content has the ability to change minds, win hearts, disrupt markets and in some cases – even save lives! Although we aren’t labouring under a false notion of our own importance. The important message belongs to you.

Our mission is to clearly and powerfully amplify your message out to the people in New Zealand who matter the most. It’s to break down medical complexity into simple and memorable words and visuals.

Total Medical Design can help you to tailor a powerful message to your audience that delivers the maximum impact on a modest budget.

Our strategic approach to content marketing is based on evidence-based insights. We reach your audience at the right time, in the right place and using the most effective and powerful format, content and message.

We understand the importance of having solid sales, customer service and training materials in place before engaging with an external audience.

That’s why our content marketing team are experienced at developing both internal and external communications materials.

Content that stays at front of mind

Whatever you need to say, Total Medical Design can help your New Zealand health business to find the right words.

Whether you need to summarise the findings of a research study into a single tagline, or to translate dense medical terminology into a series of compelling consumer benefits – we can help.

A tone of voice document and editorial guidelines will help your audience to sit up and listen to what you have to say. They will learn why your product or service truly matters in a way that resonates deeply for them.

All of our medical content marketing services are:

  • Created by highly experienced healthcare and medical writing specialists located in New Zealand.
  • Based on industry best practice and expert-led insights.
  • Adherence to NZ regulatory guidelines.
  • Optimised for search in Google.
  • Customised to your platforms and campaigns.
  • Flexible and cost-effective – content able to be repurposed and reused.


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