Copywriting & Content Strategy

Copywriting and content strategy is the lifeblood of marketing

Good content will rouse people into action with elements of persuasion, connection and education.

But to write good copy, we must first understand the nature of the healthcare industry in New Zealand and its many intricacies. The health sector requires specialist skills to translate medical jargon into simple language.

At Total Medical Design, our skilled copywriters have years of experience in the health sector. So our copy has a balance between being informative yet tactful.

We create impactful, compelling healthcare content that will engage with your patients and build brand loyalty.

Helping you build trust with your patients

Patients will remain loyal if they trust your brand and can connect with its vision and purpose.

At Total Medical Design, we get to know the personality of your clinic and find strategic and creative ways to engage with your patients.

Our art of storytelling is a valuable communication strategy that will drive meaningful conversations between your clinic and your patients.

Highlight your unique point of difference

All clinics are different and have their unique brand identities, objectives and personalities. Our experts know just the right questions to ask to help you identify your point of difference so that your content tells a story.

We craft content that resolves your patients’ needs, and your clinics business goals to build awareness, generate patient leads and build authority.

Delivering valuable patient experiences

At Total Medical Design, we see the big picture. We tailor our content strategy so that it works hard across a range of communication channels. This means you can influence your patient’s on all platforms.

We’re experts at drilling down to the right key messages for your patients. We create content that connects with your patients’ hearts and minds.


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