Great Storytelling In The NZ Health Sector
That Changes Minds And Saves Lives

Great storytelling in the New Zealand health sector
can change minds and save lives

Having letters after your name doesn’t make you immune to the sway of an epic story.

Every human being loves a good story and beautiful design. This fact will never change, despite changes to technology.

Total Medical Design combine technical, creative and strategic expertise with data-led insights to drive medical and health brands skyward. We enjoy being a force for good in health.

Whether you want to sell a health service, launch a medical product, advertise a medical practice or influence a community of people, we provide complete digital and creative solutions that will deliver on your key goals and objectives.

Medical marketing needn’t be as complex as the human body

Our health marketing is multi-channel, flexible and robust enough to withstand all outside threats and challenges. Total Medical Design’s unique approach to New Zealand health marketing integrates all aspects of planning, technical and creative marketing into a cohesive whole.

We Specialise In

Web Design &

Creating website design that’s as intuitively
designed as the human body

Logo Design &

Fire the neurons and delight your patients with a
strong logo and brand design solution

Digital Marketing

The lines between healthcare corporates and small businesses in New Zealand have never been more blurred

Content &

Copywriting and content strategy
is the lifeblood of marketing


Healthcare website application development
tailored to your practice


New Zealand medical branding that
delves down deep

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Coastal Health Medical

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Alignment Studio

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What Sets Us Apart?

What Sets Us Apart?

We are committed to our customers and understand that no two clients are the same.

How We Do It

How We Do It

We do our research. We ask questions. We listen. We work collaboratively with you to deliver medical website.

We are Real People

We are Real People

We have an outstanding team of graphic designers, developers, writers and marketing strategists.


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