Medical Form Design

Radically improve your healthcare medical form design

Digitised medical forms are increasingly being used by medical businesses in New Zealand. They are efficient and can easily gather relevant patient data.

Total Medical Design create tailored medical forms that enable you to collect and share healthcare information across any device. It eliminates tedious paper-based processes and creates exceptional patient experiences.

At Total Medical Design, we offer New Zealand health businesses the opportunity to gain full control over their data collection and patient booking tasks.

Exceed compliance standards

Our forms are designed so that you can not only collect personal patient information but also stay compliant with New Zealand health regulations too.

We encrypt patient data so you can control who views sensitive information and track individual user activity.

Improve patient experiences

At Total Medical Design, our medical forms are embedded with analytics so that you can make informed decisions on data-rich insights.

Our forms streamline patient bookings and reduce unnecessary administrative tasks.


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